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The company EBM system Ltd. was founded in 1993 and belongs nowadays among e-business systems solutions' providers, which enables other companies to work and to communicate with customers, suppliers or partners and employees effectively.

In 1994 addressed the company EBM system Ltd. Czech market with its product EBMAT-nowadays EBMservice. Four years later, in 1998, we came in the market with our new product CARS2000, in these days known as TipCars. In connection with providing of server TipCars,in 2002 we started to issue the same-named monthly magazine for coloured vehicles' photo-advertising.

The company EBM system Ltd. is based on top programmers', layouters', sales representatives' work and other employees, who create the rest of the perfect working team. The company has 16 employees.

Since 1993, when we started to act on the market, we picked up a lot of experiences and this is why we believe we could be the benefit for you.

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